Paintertaining Parties

About Paintertaining Parties

Shakespear made up words all the time, and we wanted to carry on that tradition.
We will only get the best teachers for Paintertaining. That means, not only will they know what they are doing, but they will have some finesse to keep the crowd going as well. We play a game all night and draw for prizes at the end.  If your right brain doesn't engage, your left brain might compensate with prizes at the end of the night!

Melissa has been doing parties and events for over 20 years now. With the onset of painting parties, she wanted to add her expertise and wacky personality to the mix of a paint night. 

Many people want to do these events with their children and families too. As such she loves doing private and public non-alcoholic events too!

After seeing many people showing pictures of all painting the same thing, she decided it would be important to teach skills whilde giving people the freedom to make their art their own, and something they might be more likely to hang on the wall.

Is a noisy restaurant too much for you? No problem, we love to do parties in home for an increased convenience fee. It's worth it though, and the catered food from Terra Mia will make your event satisfying on oh, so many levels!

We can't wait to meet you and laugh, paint, eat and be merry!
To see more about Melissa's art experience visit her website at: