Paintertaining Parties

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!Paintertaining--where entertainment meets painting with friends

Want to hang with just your friends/family? Ask us for details on pricing!

We know how fun it can be to attend painting parties. However, some places are too noisy and maybe you want to do it in the privacy of your own home. No problem, we will come to you and Ernesto can even provide the food! You might want to move to Italy after this artsy affair!
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Upcoming Paintertaining Party Themes

  1. Abstract Self Portraits
    Don't feel like you can draw faces? That's ok, you don't have to be talented here. Look at the mirror, or look at a friend without looking at the canvas. Fill in your abstract shapes with various colors and leave a regular Picasso!
  2. Tree Silhouettes
    We all love trees, but I love seeing everyone pick their own kind of tree that has personal significance or meaning to them. Pick your own colors for the background too. This is all about you baby!
  3. Emotional Symbolism
    Create a piece of art using colors and symbols that represent a significant moment in your life. This may not mean anything to anyone else, but these seem to stay near and dear to participants hearts.
  4. Monochromatic #1
    This will be our first series in monochromatic tryptic paintings: Three paintings related on separate canvases. Use one color and add tints and shades...and maybe some gold leaving at the end if you have time. This one is sure to catch your attention on the wall for years to come!
Meet The Team
  1. Melissa Chipman
    Professional artist and entertainer at heart, Melissa loves combining her party throwing addiction into her love for art. She hopes you will leave with something original, meaningful and brings fun prizes to take home to.
  2. Ernesto Lo Russo
    Italian born food lover and entrepreneur extraordinaire. Ernesto loves to entertain and looks forward to meeting you at the next event. We are so grateful he has graciously offered his space for these events.
  3. Could this be you?
    We are looking for more talented people to participate in providing entertaining painting parties for our guests. Contact us with a resume and links to your portfolio.